Do you wish to provide your visitors and guests with a special catering service? Our banquet and catering service is fully adaptable and caters to all types of requirements and budgets.

To meet your every need, the culinary offer is adaptable to every type of request: creating ephemeral, traditional restaurants or banquets, setting up temporary bars or buffets, fast food, breakfast, brunch, etc. We provide a solution for each visitor and each style has its merits.

We were the first signatory of the charter “together against food waste”, and are therefore committed to providing a quality service that takes food products into consideration as elements of cultural heritage, making responsible choices, opting for optimised management of the supply and cold chain, promoting innovation, etc. Our significant logistical scope and our professional kitchens allow us to imple- ment a whole series of binding initiatives in the interests of consumers and organisers.

Throughout the week, the Reimerwee restaurant welcomes regular guests from the nearby business district as well as visitors, exhibitors and organisers during events and exhibitions. It offers an A la carte menu as well as a daily menu with traditional Luxembourgish and international cuisine.


10, Circuit de la Foire Internationale
L-1347 Luxembourg
T : + 352 43 99 54 1
F : + 352 43 99 55 0

1st floor

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11:30 am to 2:h30 pm.

Wifi and free parking lotsfor the clients of the Réimerwee restaurant.

+352 43 99 54-1